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the Hard Way

Eventually, real life knocks hard enough that you let it in.

Imagine a guy who says he likes math. Hey, now you know what I look like!


I really think you should read this. It offers a biological explanation for human beings' inability to care about other people. ANNNND it's hella funny.

This quote sums up the article: "Thus, we routinely find ourselves functioning in bunches larger than our primate brains are able to cope with".


I may make extreme claims on either side of an issue to throw the points into sharp relief. Namby-pamby wishy-washy viewpoints make little impact in the mind of a reader. Everything I claim is subject to revision upon further reflection.


I'm really a bit of a dick at heart, so drop the crush if you have one.


Feel free to friend/de-friend as you wish. :) But please say hi when you do, and maybe a bit about how you found me. That way I know you are not just a spammer who is trying to sell her stuff on Etsy.


I DJ a dance music show at KPSU.



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