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the Hard Way
Eventually, real life knocks hard enough that you let it in.
Justice vs vengeance 
24th-Aug-2008 03:01 pm
What is the difference between justice and vengeance? Is justice vengeance? Is vengeance unjust justice?
24th-Aug-2008 10:47 pm (UTC) - Huh.
I'd say that vengeance is focused on making other people suffer for a perceived wrong, whereas justice is about using a legal system of some sort to judge whether or not someone was wronged and what the appropriate method of recompense is, if there is a wrong.

But this is just an offhand assessment, and I think that it gets a lot fuzzier than that.
25th-Aug-2008 04:06 pm (UTC) - Re: Huh.
I agree with your assessment. This could, if one was in the mood, spiral off into an abstract debate.
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